Koju have a full range of services available for both Consumer and Business clients. If you’re planning a marketing campaign, our data is both responsive and fully compliant – see how we can help improve your ROI

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Lead Generation

If you would rather hand over the running of your marketing campaign to our expert team, we can supply Telemarketing, Email and Direct Mail or fully integrate them to provide an integrated campaign

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Koju offers a fully comprehensive Consultancy service for SME businesses that would benefit from an outside perspective. We will help you reach your business goals with a strategy that is proven to work

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Our team have a wealth of experience in Direct Marketing. From PPC to Video - let us help you with your overall Marketing strategy and formulate a marketing plan that works for you

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Koju Media are providers of innovative data solutions, lead generation, bespoke print services and consultancy for SME’s

Koju universal principle or universal law. It refers to concepts of legal legitimacy, where by those principles and rules for the cosmos are most universal in their acceptability.

Our company

Koju Media pride ourselves on being experts in Data and Marketing services.

From consumer and business data to lead generation and consultancy we excel at equipping businesses, large and small, with logical and effective solutions. We will help you better understand your current clients and their touchpoints, to work with them more effectively, as well as providing more prospects that share key common attributes.

We work in an ethical manner and as such, all Koju’s data services are fully compliant with both current and future legislation. We will work hard to insure your PEACE of mind.

  • Gary Eggleton
    We have tried several sources for our Insurance renewal data, but Koju Media’s data is both a robust and responsive solution that meets our needs. We started off with a small sample, but have now set up a regular monthly feed and are looking at the other insurance products they have data on as a next step.
    Gary Eggleton
    Rainbow Connected
  • Neil Kilgour
    Koju media analysed a data list we had previously purchased – showing an error rate of almost 50% against the variables we had selected. Using Koju media to correct this data led to an increase response rate of 127%, so we won’t hesitate to use them again.
    Neil Kilgour
    Kingsbridge Windows
  • Howard Jones
    We purchased a list of key decision makers within the property market and are impressed with the accuracy, the data has put us in contact with the right people at the right companies – which is invaluable to us, saving both time and resource.
    Howard Jones
    Jungle Media