B2B Data Segmentation

Data Segmentation

How Segmentation can help your Business with better Marketing

What is Data Segmentation?

Data Segmentation is nothing new in the world of Marketing, speaking to different customer sets in different ways is a tried and tested methodology to maximise your ROI. Whether you are a larger business and have a specialist to look after sector specific clients or a small business trying to work out the best way to communicate with your customer base, regular data segmentation will ensure that the best approach is taken with each customer.

Just a quick search on Google will reveal a number of high profile companies offering a full in depth dive into your customer database, whilst this is essential for B2C segmentation where you can overlay a large psychographic, demographic and behavioural attributes, this level of detail is not always necessary in B2B and not everyone has the budget! Koju Media can provide a Data Profiling solution that won’t break the bank. Provided you have about 10k data records, whether they are prospects/existing or lapsed clients, we can produce a full Audit of your data that will help identify your target market.

Koju Media is offering a full Data Profile report for £250, which if leads to a purchase of data after it’s production, can be deducted as a discount from future orders*

How can Koju help me with Segmentation?

  • Identify business attributes – Profiling your data will reveal a more detailed picture of customers, such as location, industry, size and other characteristics.
  • Generate customer profiles – we can identify clusters of similar customers who are important to your business – usually in an SIC code format. We compare the profiles of the clusters and provide you with an analysis of their value to your business.
  • Target new ‘look-a-like’ prospects – Using our findings, we identify new prospective customers who match the high value profiles within your existing database.
  • Reduce costs and waste – by adding focus and insight to your database, we can help you reduce costs across all of your marketing campaign activity by targeting more closely matched prospects.

This will give you a fresh perspective on your customer database and the potential for us to supply new prospects to target which you may not have identified previously.


How a client benefited from Segmentation

An example of how we can make this work for our clients is – a Tax reclaims client came to us with a request for records in the Computer Industry, SIC code 62 if you like SIC codes! Their logic was solid, as they have picked up a few clients from this industry for claiming back Tax on their software development and website technologies. This client agreed to share their data with us – a total or 26k records were sent across for analysis, the results of which showed that SIC Code 62 was only their 2nd best performing sector, identifying Wholesale Trade (SIC Code 46) as their top performing sector both in terms of number of clients and total value. We were therefore able to help this client by refining what they thought they should buy, by identifying a data set they had overlooked the importance of.

The full data audit will also highlight any potential gaps/issues in your data, duplicates, incorrect email addresses, telephone numbers on TPS/CTPS which we can help you to correct.

If you wish to discuss this further, speak to a member of our team today on 01628 091 081, or drop us a line at info@kojumedia.com; and if you haven’t already, please read our email case study and our related blog on identifying your target market.

* Minimum quantities of data order apply, rebate can be claimed in discount or additional data added to order.

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