Is B2B Email Lead Generation an option for you?

Email is still a primary lead source for most businesses and will only grow in the future

Traditional B2B email campaigns are sold on a cost per ‘000 basis and thus results and CPL’s will fluctuate. Koju Media can offer a cost per lead model, which will guarantee you the leads you want, when you want them and at the agreed rate. Cost per lead is not suitable for all businesses, if you sell Cars great, if you sell bars of soap, then a cost per ‘000 will work in your favour!

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Use B2B Lead Gen if;

  • High Value product/services
  • Broad target market of businesses
  • Have at least 3k budget for a test or
  • Can commit to a 3 month test

Stick to cost per ‘000 if;

  • Low value product/services
  • FMCG
  • Niche target market
  • Small budget

We have all the emails!

  • We have access to 1.8 million business records, the largest and most robust B2B email database available, with 25% more decision maker contacts than the nearest competitor
  • We excel at B2B lead generation delivering consistent volumes of leads for our clients daily
  • Pick your target market by Sector/SIC codes, Employee size/turnover, Head Offices/Branches and many more options….

Professional email and landing page design

  • We will design from scratch business email creative/landing pages that will produce the highest level of interest and response
  • We can use/optimise existing creative
  • The landing page can be used to collect standard business details, such as Name Address Telephone Email
  • Landing page can also be used to filter out extraneous leads with questions – no more than 3 are recommended
  • Low bounce rates (>1%) and high opens (8-25%) and clicks (1-2% average)

If you are interested in B2B Lead Gen or other Koju services, Please leave your contact details in the form above and we’ll come back to you