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Target new startup businesses with our Data

New Businesses Data

Koju can provide you with the fastest, freshest and most comprehensive data on businesses start-ups in the UK. Designed to provide you with a timely inside eye on all the new business activity in your local area, the service enables you to have the earliest opportunity to make contact with businesses when they are most likely to be seeking new service providers and suppliers for their various needs.

How does the service work?

Brand New Businesses is a weekly or daily data service that informs you of all the new business start-ups, relocations, new branches and new business owners in your area. The service is supplied on a strictly limited availability basis per industry and that is how we ensure the data is both effective and exclusive.

How new are these businesses?

New businesses are identified at the earliest possible opportunity – usually within the first few days of trading. Furthermore, we will not include ANY record that we have not verified within an absolute maximum of the first 3 months since start up. This ensures that you are only receiving the very best, most exclusive and productive information.

The file consists of 4 types of recent activity, all of which are receptive to sales of advertising, office services or professional services:

N = new start-up

O = new owner

B = new office has opened

R = company has relocated

What information will I receive?

You will receive everything you need to get in touch with the right person at the right time, including:

  1. Full Company Name
  2. Full Company Address & Postcode
  3. Telephone Number
  4. Senior Decision Maker’s Name and Position
  5. Specific Business Market Sector
  6. Website Address where available
  7. Details of the activity type
  8. Number of Employees
  9. Date the Business was established at premises.
  10. TPS Indicators where relevant.
  11. Email Addresses where available.

If you would like any further details, please visit our Data Page or give us a call on 01628 901 081 or visit our contact us page here.

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