Data Cleansing Service

How old is your data? If you don’t know then it's probably too old!
Koju Media can offer a data cleanse service, to update and permission your data, ensuring accuracy and compliance

Does your client data need refreshing? You could be wasting time and money marketing to out of date data. Gain better insight, improve your planning and unlock revenue opportunities by investing in a free data audit.
Review what you already have and enhance the information you currently hold. Kojumedia will provide a free data audit, offering a wide range of data cleansing solutions and enhancements (where available) to suit businesses of all shapes and sizes. Our Data Audit is designed to help you better understand exactly what data you have and what aspects can be improved. a ‘data healthcheck’ can unveil hidden leads and spark exciting marketing opportunities.

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Your information will only be used for the purpose of communicating with Koju Media. It will not be sold, shared or added to any marketing lists

Data cleansing benefits

Reduces your mailing costs

Increases response rates to your campaign

Ensures your data complies with legal requirements

Eliminates duplication and improves accuracy

Gives you confidence when targeting prospective customers

Our Values

Koju Media are providers of innovative data solutions, lead generation, bespoke print services and consultancy for SME’s

Our name epitomises the way we do business - Koju refers to the universal principle or universal law. It refers to concepts of legal legitimacy, where by those principles and rules for the cosmos are most universal in their acceptability.

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