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b2b lead gen email

Ensure your data's accuracy with our
Data Scrubbing Service

Koju Media has a full range of data cleaning products to improve your marketing data's accuracy,
responsiveness and bring you up to GDPR compliance levels

Talk to us today about a free data audit to identify any potential issues in your database

Benefits of Data Scrubbing

  • Full data audit report
  • Reduces your mailing costs
  • Eliminates duplication and improves accuracy
  • Ensures your data complies with legal requirements
  • Increases response rates to your campaign

  • Clean, accurate data equals improved marketing ROI

    Data processing and scrubbing allows you to keep up with the ever increasing decay of your existing customer and prospect data.

    Based on the results of a free Data Quality Audit we can enhance and cleanse your database to enable you to increase your response rates and reduce cost.

    Ensure Data Compliance

    GDPR is on everyone's agenda at the moment, if you have any worries about your database, talk to us to see if we can help you.
    Remember acquiring a new customer costs between 5-10 times more than keeping an existing one.
    Scrubbing your data is a big step towards compliance, and will allow you to continue marketing to existing clients/prospects

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    Cleanse your Telemarketing Campaigns against TPS and CTPS to avoid potentials fines of up to 5k
    Save Postage costs on your Direct Mail campaigns by screening against MPS (Mail Preference Scheme)
    Use our email Validation tool to remove spam and dead emails from your campaigns

    Client Feedback

    Super knowledgable company that provides amazing content to help you feel reassured with what steps to take as a small business when it comes to data! Becky presented amazingly at an event we organised providing huge value to everyone in the room! Highly recommend!

    Tara Morris - Abstract Print and Design

    I was recommended to speak with Becky at Koju Media about my questions regarding GDPR compliance for my design agency. Becky was extremely helpful and knowledgeable on the subject. I outlined my position as a company and explained what steps I had already taken and Becky discussed my options with me. There was no 'hard sell' what-so-ever and I felt like my options were explained clearly. Thank you Becky

    Ben Stanbury - Bright Lights Creative

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