B2B Data Licensing

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Do you want access to c.2 million businesses?

Talk to Koju about a data licence - get access to the best data available

If you're processing large volumes of B2B data, a data licence could be the best way forward for you - extra records and less cost - win win!
Whether you're just using the records for Marketing or need it for a different purpose, contact us today to discuss, we'll do all we can to accommodate your needs.

Get full access to the UK's most comprehensive database, fully GDPR compliant and responsive to your messaging.

Whatever the purpose, we can accommodate, whether for Marketing, Mapping, Apps or B2B directories, we can provide the data.

Get the data you need, when you need it. Choose how you wish to work with the data - adhoc, a contracted feed, or store it yourself - all possible options with us.

Continually updated data - our data is as compliant and up to date as any in the market, approximately 10,000 connected calls are made each day from the call centre to verify and update and the database.

GDPR Compliant UK Business Database

Contact us today to discuss the options around a business database license with Koju, we'll be as flexible as possible to accommodate your needs

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