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Targeted B2B Email Campaigns

Achieve the best returns on Investment with email

If you are interested in email campaigns, and want to test the waters before committing to buy data, we can offer you a fully managed email broadcast service. As the data is leased for a single use, we can offer a lower cost per '000 enabling you to get more emails for your money.
With a fully managed email campaign we can get your message to the right people at the right time. We have a substantial database of emails (over 650k), one of the largest and most responsive available.

Easy to define your targets - Our data is classified in multiple ways to make it easy to identify the businesses to target for your campaign. Data can be selected from company size, geographic locations, Sic codes and many other variables

High Quality Email Platform - Our Industry leading delivery rates are constantly above 92%

Campaigns are fully recorded and reporting is available in real-time - see exactly how many and where people are clicking on your email.

Use Split Testing - use an A/B split of creative or subject line to test what works with your prospects. This will help you find the best way to communicate, across all your Marketing.

Responsive HTML Emails - We can create a brand new email template from scratch or use and amend an existing creative.

Extra Warm Leads

As well as people who fill out your enquiry forms, those who click you email and visit your landing pages may prove to be a fruitful source of leads. You can purchase the details for anyone who clicked on your website for £1.50 each

If you don't have the capacity to follow up these clicks, we can offer a very reasonable rate with an industry leading telemarketing company who can make the calls for you. Contact us for more details

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