Koju Media is an impartial Business data list broker

We have access to the most responsive B2B data lists for marketing available

Whoever you are looking to target with your Marketing, Koju Media has access to the companies and key decision makers most likely to be interested in your products/services.

Koju Media have over 40 years experience in the data and marketing arena. As we are a broker with access to multiple data sets and millions of UK business records, this allows us to provide the correct compliant marketing data for your business. We take our clients requirements and comprehensively research the market to find the most accurate source and secure at the best price.

What you get:

Every record in our lists includes name, title, company, business address, email, and other business information. You can target further by filtering on location, industry type, and demographics.
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Featured Targeted B2B Marketing Lists

Below are some examples of the data sets that can be purchased

Director level marketing list

Director Level within an organisation, such as Finance Director, Managing Director etc.

Premium Lists

Target heads of department within larger organisations, for an even better targeted message

Available lists include;

Marketing Managers - Perfect for marketing new products/solutions that would appeal to the senior Marketeer within an organisation
Fleet Managers – Talk to the personal in charge of Vehicles for Sales teams etc. Recommended for Lease companies/Insurance Brokers
HR Managers – If your product/service is in the training, learning, benefits or recruitment fields for example, we can supply a highly accurate list of senior HR professionals
IT Contacts – Looking to sell new Hardware/software? Talk directly to our database of IT Managers/Directors

Other Job titles are available – please call us to discuss

Marketing Campaign Types

Targeted lists for all your marketing requirements

Email Marketing

Use Email as a cost effective method to send high volume email messages.

Telephone Marketing

Use Telephony for a more complicated product sale, or to follow up email campaigns.

Social Audience

Use Data to build look-a-like audiences for social campaigns, integrate with email to follow openers/clickers on social channels.

Direct Mail

Use a Direct Mail marketing list for bulk postal marketing campaigns.

Residential Landlords
We have access to thousands of residential landlords personal contact details within the UK. Koju Media’s Residential Landlords data list will enable you to gain access to main industry contacts in your target market. The fields that you can specify within in the list are by geographical location; you can purchase a list that encompasses the whole UK, select by region/county or specifically by individual postcodes.
Estate Agents
Are your business’ products or services ideal for estate agents? If your business is looking to provide products or services to estate agent contacts or if your services work well with estate agents, we have a full and up-to-date database of the 16,000+ estate agencies in the UK. Whether you want a list of all the UK estate agents or you want to narrow it down to a specific location, our team is happy to help.
Recruitment Agencies
Would your product or service appeal to someone in the recruitment industry? We can provide you with the key contact details of recruitment agencies. The team at Koju Media understand that competition for talented and motivated individuals is unparalleled. Our recruiter list will make sure you have the best chance of success by making sure you get to touch with the right people.
When marketing to Solicitors and other legal services, you will the need the most accurate, up-to-date and compliant mailing, telephone and email lists available on the market to make your marketing campaign a success. Koju Media have access to thousands of potential new customers in the Solicitor and Legal Services sectors, which include members of the Law Society and Solicitors Regulation Authority.
IT & Computing Companies
In the ever-growing digital age, IT and Computing is an increasing market field representing a great opportunity for many in the B2B industry. Whether you are a technology supplier, software programmer, computer suppliers, technical company, etc. it is highly beneficial for your business to target this growth industry. Our data list can be specified to provide the personal contact details of the key managers & decision makers in need of your services.
Koju Media will be able to provide you with access to a precise and extensive data list of Chartered Accountants and Accountants registered with the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales. Access to this database will put your business ahead of its competitors by providing you with over a hundred thousand of possible customers in the accountancy, book-keeping, finance and tax consultancy sectors.
HR (Premium Service)
Are you wondering how to obtain the details of HR managers in the UK? Our Human Resources contacts database is a set of highly targeted premium B2B data which is expertly researched and provides marketing selections & information on senior HR job titles. The HR database can be adapted to your specific requirements and is also selectable by area, industry, number of employees, turnover and more.
If you want a list of restaurants in the UK to market to, Koju Media offer an extensive database that gives you access to thousands of potential new customers within the restaurant & catering industry including detailed contact information for your business to utilise in its marketing campaigns and strategies.

Example Pricing

*Orders under 2k will attract a £35 admin fee

Our Data sources

All B2B data sourced by Koju media will be fully compliant with the DPA and follows the guidelines set out by the DMA. Our providers are all working very closely with ICO to ensure their data is compliant when GDPR regulations are enforced. Compliance packs can be provided with any data order to show the data has been processed and verified before being supplied to you, to provide you with the utmost confidence in what you are being provided.

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