Koju Media is an impartial data list broker

We have access to the most compliant and responsive B2C data lists available

Whoever you are looking to target with your Marketing, Koju Media has access to the people most likely to be interested in your products/services.

Koju Media have over 40 years experience in the data and marketing arena. As we are a broker with access to over 40 million UK consumers, this allows us to provide the correct compliant marketing data for your business. We take our clients requirements and comprehensively research the market to find the most accurate source and secure at the best price.

What you get:

B2C data is sold on a permission via channel method, so a full record (name, address, telephone and email) is more expensive than just a single permission, such as (name and telephone).
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Koju Media and B2C data

If your products/services are primarily targeted at UK consumers, Koju Media can help you source data that is most pertinent to your needs. Our speciality in B2C Email, B2C Direct Mail, B2C Telemarketing is backed up by some of the most up to date, accurate and compliant data sources in the UK.
Consumer Data is a more volatile area than Business data, so we only use sources we trust, one’s that are fully compliant with current DPA and PECR, but also forward thinking and working closely with the ICO on GDPR.

Example data









What Can I do with B2C Data?

  • Promote your product/services to more consumers who share attributes with your current database
  • Reach out to a new type of consumer
  • Use an effective multi-channel approach to your marketing
  • Have a chat with Koju to see how we can help!

Marketing Campaign Types

B2C Consumer Data for the channels as below;

Email Marketing

Use Email as a high volume, cost effective channel to send consumer messages


Telemarketing is best used for more complicated product sales, or following up email campaigns clickers

Social Audiences

Our B2C data has a very high match rate to Facebook etc. and can be used to build look-a-like audiences for social campaigns. Further integration with email to follow openers/clickers on social channels

Direct Mail

Use Direct Mail consumer marketing lists for bulk postal marketing campaigns, particularly for the products that are enhanced by a personal touch

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A few examples of the data sets we can provide

Other data sets include

Gambling, Shares, Mobile phone renewal, Internet or Mail order shopper, Charity, Millionaires!

Our Data sources

All B2C data sourced by Koju media will be fully compliant with current DPA and follows the guidelines set out by the DMA. Our providers are all working very closely with ICO for their data to being compliant when GDPR regulations are enforced Compliance packs can be provided with any data order to show the various stages of verification data has been through before being sent to you, to provide you with the utmost confidence in what you are being supplied.

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