Email Validation

Email Address Verifacation

Improve the hygiene of your email database by running your records through our email validation service

Improve the delivery rates of your campaigns for a low cost per '000

(rates start at £5 per '000 for low volumes min order £25)

Looking to do an email campaign soon?

Koju can offer two levels of email checking;

  • Syntax and Domain Checking - check for valid structure and domain name
  • Full Email Address Validations - as above with added hard bounce and SMTP check (simple mail transfer protocol)

  • Turnaround times for the full check as above will be dependent on volume - please call us on 01628 901 081 to discuss further and get a full quote

    For more info on Email Validation, let us know below

    Your information will only be used for the purpose of communicating with Koju Media. It will not be sold, shared or added to any marketing lists

    Email Validation Benefits

    • Checks the email domain exists and accepts messages
    • Check the domain will accept messages for the individual mailbox
    • Correct misspelt domain names
    • Correct misspelt user names
    • Labels email addresses as personal, generic, free etc

    Other Data Cleansing services

    Our Data sources

    All B2B data sourced by Koju media will be fully compliant with GDPR,PECR and follows the guidelines set out by the DMA. Our providers all work very closely with ICO and DMA to ensure their data is future proofed against upcoming regulatory changes. Compliance packs can be provided to show how the data has been processed and verified before being supplied to you, to provide you with the utmost confidence in what you are being provided.

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