Data Protection and Device Security

GDPR brings with it a heightened message around the security of data and will have a big impact on companies that offer BYOD to work.

Taking measures to ensure the security of any personal data stored on Laptops/mobiles or USB sticks should become a matter of course.

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What we can do

A company’s own staff is the biggest threat to IT in any business, but it’s down to a lack of understanding rather than any malice, we can help with our logical step plan. Probably the highest level of vulnerability is the very smartphone that you are browsing this website on. Professional crime syndicates are now targeting these vulnerabilities in devices, so take all the steps you can to secure your data!

We can offer highly secure encryption on devices, to avoid any penalty where data has either been lost or breached.

Our solution uses IBM MaaS360, which can provide;

  • Complete Separation of work and personal stuff on devices
  • Manage and protect any apps that are downloaded
  • Enable sharing with the right people (only!) to protect data going outside the organisation
  • SSO – Secure Sign On, allowing only people allowed to sign on to a device
  • Peace of mind that data is only being passed through secure tunnels
  • Theft of device will not allow access to any data

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