Employee Motivation

Do you know exactly what motivates your team? Is it just money? Security? Autonomy and freedom? Making a difference or the opportunity to learn and develop?

How do you discover this and how can you work towards developing a highly motivated and engaged workforce?

Koju Media uses Motivational maps to help businesses build better teams

A Motivational Map is an ISO accredited online questionnaire, using self-perception to focus on motivation rather than personality. The map will help you better understand what drives you and what you can do with that knowledge to improve performance, in just 12 minutes.

Motivational Maps will help you make good career decisions, as they directly help overcome the problems that individuals will face, and that managers will need to overcome to improving motivation and team performance.

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When we consider the teams we create to deliver high performance in our businesses we tend to work to the following pattern:


We set goals and targets for our teams to achieve profit and growth. We communicate this out to the team members and if we have KPI’s based on these targets we can then measure performance.


Once we have direction we look then towards what skills are required to deliver the goals. Do we have those skills already? Do we need to invest in training or is it a case of recruiting the right talent in to our organisation?

But what about MOTIVATION?

What if we provide great direction along with recruiting and training for the necessary skills and the question that follows is WHY BOTHER?

We are familiar with the Forbes finding (2014) 64% of employees leave their boss rather than their job. So how can a focus on employee’s motivation turn this figure around? Resulting in an engaged workforce. By focusing on motivation measuring it and creating a language and strategies that focus on the key motivational drivers of our teams.

Employee Motivation Benefits:

Improved team performance

  • Reduction in sickness
  • Improved staff retention
  • Recruit with intention. Get the right fit for the position not just the right skills

Improved individual performance

  • Understand each individual’s motivational drivers and how that is currently being met.
  • See how teams can work better together by understanding potential motivational conflict
  • Demonstrate improved motivation and measure the impact with improved performance

Analyse manager performance

  • See the difference between management/team motivation and how each manager could amend their management style for improved performance
  • Create effective strategies aimed at the development of each team member based on motivational drivers rather than personal opinion