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GDPR and Marketing Data

GDPR was implemented on the 25th May 2018, applying to all businesses in the EU, the main impact is on the collection, storage and use of personal data

GDPR has a big impact on marketing data, of the six lawful grounds that data can be processed, the two relating to Marketing data are Consent and Legitimate Interest.

Consent is the most affected – rules around third party and soft opt-in’s implying consent to market to an individual have been tightened drastically and an audit trail of consent being granted must be kept as proof.
When Processing data under Legitimate Interest, the rights of a business to market to someone must be weighed up against their right to privacy. In all cases, a clear opt-out must be offered and a compelling case for why someone may be interested must be established


Who is affected by GDPR

Every Organisation that holds personal data will be affected in some way shape or form by GDPR, just a few examples are;

  • Personnel records
  • Customer details
  • Prospect data
  • Online identifier data

How we can help with GDPR

Implementing GDPR has been a major challenge challenge for many businesses, size notwithstanding. Understanding the complexities around 'consent', 'legitimate interest' and what qualifies as personal data can be strain to understand. If your business is in any need of help understanding the complexities. you can talk to us @ Koju for a free 'GDPR Healthcheck'

GDPR Gap Analysis

For a professional assessment of how you can bring your operating standards up to General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance, we can conduct an in-house review of your privacy, data and information security arrangements against the requirements of the Regulation.

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