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Take your business data to the next level with profiling

Take your marketing to the next level by identifying your target market

Assuming that you know your target market can be an easy mistake to make, Koju Media can profile your existing database and provide you with key insights into who your best customers are, where they’re coming from and what they have in common. Armed with this insight, you can better focus your efforts, identify further businesses that look like them, reducing wasted resource and marketing costs in the process.

What are the benefits to your business?

  • Identify customer trends and attributes– get a detailed picture of the location, industry, size and other characteristics of your customers.
  • Generate customer profiles– we can identify clusters of similar customers who are important to your business. We compare the profiles of the clusters and provide you with personas of your customers together with an analysis of their value to your business.
  • Target new ‘matched’ prospects– using the insight from the data, we can help you to find new prospective customers who match the high value profiles within your existing database.
  • Reduce costs and waste– by adding focus and insight to your database, we can help you to reduce costs across all of your marketing campaign activity by targeting more closely matched prospects.

Identify hot new prospects

Koju Media have the ability to identifying a companies best customers and then match these with other similar profiled businesses that look just like them. Using propensity modelling we can also identify and supply similar businesses which may not match your immediate customer profile however based on our expertise and analysis techniques, we can score them as having a propensity to be viable prospects for your products and services.

This will give you a fresh supply of hot new prospects to target which you may not have immediately targeted previously.

For more information on identifying your target market and how profiling and analysis can help your business, or give us a call on 01628 901081 or visit our contact us page here.

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