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Find your own leads with Koju's guide to lead generation

The Beginner’s Guide to B2B Email Lead Generation

If you are struggling for leads, post GDPR, Koju’s latest article will help you understand Email Lead Generation and how we can help you.

In previous guides, we have gone into detail on the purchasing of data, lead magnets, email content and design etc. If all this seems like too much work, Koju can do it for you, and even better, we will only charge you for the leads that we generate.

Before looking at any lead generation activity, we’d advise you to consider – where do you want these leads to go?

  • Is your website fit for purpose?
  • Should I build a custom Landing page?
  • Telephone – Do my agents have enough skill to convert inbound calls
  • Telephone – Do I have enough agents?


There are many sites that can give you feedback on your website;

All these are free tools that will give you an idea of where your website stands and what you can do to fix any issues. If you’d like any help fixing those issues, or for us to conduct a full audit, looking at competitor activity, SERPS and Keyword recommendations, drop us a line @  info@kojumedia.com

Landing Pages

Landing pages are custom built pages for a campaign to click through to, they are generally used for PPC or Email Campaigns as lead capture devices and they should only contain details relevant to the email or link the customer has clicked. They are great at keeping the customer focused rather than losing them as they navigate around your full website.

Koju recently sent a campaign to companies with apps to ask where they were obtaining business data, and if they understood the implications of GDPR changes on the data they used. As this was a specialised campaign we did not want to send them to any current page on www.kojumedia.com, it was much better for us to build a specific landing page for this campaign.


If you have an internal team set up for outgoing/incoming calls, they should be set up to handle an increase in volume. If you don’t have a team, you can look at outsourcing to a telemarketing company who could make the calls on your behalf with the need for you to take on additional staff. Koju can recommend a very professional company who can handle any calls on your behalf – they can be as proactive or reactive as the situation entails – call us on 01628 901081 if you’d like any further details

Generate More Leads via Email

In our experience, companies who get the best out of email, balance their approach between promoting their products and services, whilst educating and interacting with readers. Establish yourself as a thought leader and showcasing the value of your products/services, with examples of how you can solve customer challenges.

Utilise Split Testing

Split or A/B testing is a fantastic method for figuring out the best online promotional and marketing strategies for your business. It can be used to test everything from website copy to sales emails to search ads. The advantages A/B testing provide are enough to offset the additional time it takes to set up the campaign.

To split test, change an important element of your email and then segment your data into two groups, sending each a different version. Every subscriber will either receive A (the original design) or B (the new version). Most ESP’s will allow you to send a certain amount of emails before establishing a winner, with the remaining recipients getting the ‘better’ email. For instance 25% get copy A and 25% copy B, the remaining 50% will get the better performing copy.

Experiment with multiple elements over time to see the greatest results. Here are a few things to test for each metric you want to improve:

  • The location of the call to action/s
  • The exact text used
  • The button colour or surrounding space
  • Subject line
  • Time and date email is sent
  • Headlines
  • Sales copy

An example of how split testing can work is that you find using images of people on your landing page as opposed to images of products improves click-through rates. Aside from just ensuring that you continue using images of people moving forward on emails and landing pages, this can be applied to other elements of your marketing content, such as in your ads or on your website homepage. The only way to find out if this works is to test and test again.

You will begin to see patterns among the different elements that increased email performance. You can then use these patterns to better understand your subscribers and continue delivering compelling email copy in the future

Or Just Let Koju Do it for You!

If all this sounds like too much effort, we can do it for you, with our Lead generation product.

Traditional email campaigns are sold on a cost per ‘000 basis and thus results and CPL’s will fluctuate. Koju Media can offer a cost per lead model, which will guarantee you the leads you want, when you want them, at the agreed rate.

Cost per lead is not suitable for everyone, if you sell Cars then CPL will work, but for bars of soap it would not be wise, use Lead Gen if;

  • High Value product/services
  • Broad target market
  • Have at least 3k budget
  • Can commit to a 3-month test (1k min per month)

Why Use Koju?

We have all the emails!

In association with 118 information Group, we have access to 800k opted in email addresses, the largest B2B database available, and with 25% more decision maker contacts than the nearest competitor

We excel at lead generation delivering consistent volumes of leads for our clients daily

Low bounce rates (>1%) and high opens (8-25%) and clicks (1-2% average)

Pick your target market by Sector/SIC codes, Employee size/turnover, Head Offices/Branches and many more options….

Professional email and landing page design

We will design from scratch or use/optimise existing email creative that you have to produce an email that will produce the highest level of interest and response

The landing page here is standard, but can be bespoke to your needs and collect the data you want

How is the price of a lead calculated?

Market Size

Koju has more than 800k email addresses, but if your targeting requires multiple restrictions, this will impact the potential audience we can go out to;

Smaller Audience = Increased CPL

Landing Page Qualification

The number of questions/restrictions you put on your landing page will cause interested people to drop out before submitting their details.

More questions on your landing page = Increased CPL

To discuss how email lead generation can work for you, drop us an email, call on 01628 901 081 or visit our contact us page here


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