Koju Media prides itself as the go to telemarketing company for sourcing online, telephone, mail and email lead generation and appointment setting for effective sales and business growth.
As the driving force behind generating new sales leads and contacts, we focus on delivering high quality leads to companies across different sectors. Our job is to represent your business as a Tele-sales and Lead Generation Consultant. We will identify sales leads, pitch products to new clients and maintain a good working relationship with current clients.
With years establishing a strong reputation to provide the services you need, and a strong team at your service, we are there to help you in providing B2B and B2C clients. Whatever type of client you are searching for, we can help find them for you. It’s that simple.


Our approach to lead generation is meticulous, with constant refinement to the methods and strategy utilized, helping our clients and their businesses to stay ahead of the curve. Whether you need to generate high quality leads, chase old or target a particular set of prospects that have slipped through the net, we can drive your business forward.


Attendee or follow up services

Our highly experienced team can offer both B2B & B2C appointment setting services, providing you with opportunities allowing your business to thrive. Allowing your sales team to concentrate on essential meetings, will increase productivity and reduce cost.
Appointments will give you the chance to begin building successful relationships, and help clients really understand your company.
We can generate highly qualified leads for you, and will work with you to build a sales pipeline that’s ideal for your business. We have spent years building leads to help many successful businesses both here in the UK, The Middle East and The United States – many we still work with today.


Attendee or follow up services

With our Events Attendee Service,
  • we can find your attendees, your data or ours
  • We can also call people about your event
  • Send and follow up on any literature sent
  • make sure that payments are received
  • conducting a day before attendance confirmation check
Our Events Follow Up service helps you track your leads after the event. We can phone your attendees to follow up with your plan, making sure that they know the next steps to take.

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