B2B Lead Generation

An alternative to purchasing Data, Koju Media can offer a Lead Generation service for which we take care of all the data, emails and just send through a completed lead form, either by email or straight into your CRM!

Is Email Lead Generation an option for you?

Email is still a primary lead source for most businesses and it is only getting bigger in its potential. Traditional email campaigns are sold on a cost per ‘000 basis and thus results and CPL’s will fluctuate. Koju media can offer a cost per lead model, which will guarantee you the leads you want, when you want them, at the agreed rate.

b2b lead gen email
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Cost per lead is not suitable for everyone, if you sell Cars great, if you sell bars of soap, then a cost per ‘000 will work in your favour!

Use Lead Gen if;

  • High Value product/services
  • Broad target market
  • Have at least 3k budget for a test or
  • Can commit to a 3 month test

Stick to cost per ‘000 if;

  • Low value product/services
  • FMCG
  • Niche target market
  • Small budget

Leads start at £35!*

* Lead price will depend on market size, and number of qualifications put in place

How is the price of a lead calculated

Market Size

If you have a target market that requires multiple restrictions, this will impact the potential audience we can reach.

Smaller Audience = Increased CPL

    Landing Page Qualification

      The number of questions/restrictions you put on your landing page will cause interested people to drop out before submitting their details

      More questions on your landing page = Increased CPL

Our data is optimised for marketing, ensuring the best ROI for your campaigns

Why Use Koju?

Professional email and landing page design

  • We will design from scratch or use/optimise existing email creative that you have, to produce the highest level of interest and response
  • The landing page can be standard/bespoke to your needs to collect the data you want

Tweak and optimise email for best response

  • All emails are Tested against Spam filters and browser compatibility to ensure mobile readiness
  • Campaigns will be tweaked by size, location, type of business, contact, recipient action to ensure best response
  • Subtle differences in creative can improve response by 300%

Access your own reporting suite

  • Full online live reporting
  • See as much detail on the campaign as you like

Typical Campaign

  • Step 1

    95% + delivery rates
    10% opens
  • Step 2

    0.5%- 2% click rate
    Recipients either click into your website or complete landing page
  • Step 3


    Clickers data provided to follow up if required (additional charge applicable)
    Clicker data is 4 times more likely to convert than cold data
  • Step 4


    Re - engage

Why Use Koju?

We have all the data!

  • We have access to over 1 million opted in email addresses, the largest B2B database available
  • 25% more decision maker contacts than the nearest competitor
  • Our data is optimised for Marketing and not based on credit files or contacts
  • 2m updates per year; 160,000 per month, no business data gets updated faster
  • Low email bounce rates (>1%) and high opens (8-25%) and clicks (1-2% average)

To discuss what we can do to ensure the highest quality of lead at the best price, drop us an email or call on 01628 901081