SME Consultancy Services

At Koju Media our consultancy services pride themselves on service and results, underpinned by a passion and drive for excellence.
More and more, SME’s need to explore every conceivable advantage and opportunity to stay competitive. Many comprehensive management and strategic consulting services that large enterprises can obtain, are out of reach for the average SME.

Why use a consultant....

Koju Consultancy was established to provide consulting solutions to small and medium sized businesses, as these owner managed business are very often time precious, preventing them from taking a ‘step-back’ and look from a different perspective.
Many businesses may set out ambitious plans for growth and profit goals, but find themselves de-railed by the day to day grind, Koju Consultancy will explore these opportunities on your behalf.

Do you know how motivated your staff are?

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  • To identify problems
  • To provide clarity
  • To act as a catalyst
  • To help with training
  • To do the ‘dirty work’
  • To reinvigorate an organisation

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Our company

Koju Media pride ourselves on being experts in Data and Marketing services.

From consumer and business data to lead generation and consultancy we pride ourselves in equipping businesses, large and small, with logical and effective solutions. We will help you better understand your current clients and their touchpoints, to work with them more effectively, as well as providing more prospects that share key common attributes.

We work in an ethical manner and as such, all Koju’s data services are fully compliant with both current and future legislations for additional piece of mind.