The Social Media Highway Code

The way we interact and communicate has fundamentally changed over the past 15 years.

When Sam Pepper, one of the founders of the Social Media Highway Code first started out in PR in the early 90s, she remembers her boss reassuring a client over the phone who’d regretted something he said in a National newspaper.
Back then many ‘shoot from the hip comments’ could, to a large degree, be forgotten quickly, extinguished or buried. Today’s news was Tomorrow’s fish n’ chip paper.
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Now with social media part an integral part of society, what we say and how we say it has a long lasting digital trail on the internet.

Putting it in stark terms using social media can make or break us, it can build or tarnish our reputation - not only personally but the people around us including friends, family and the organisation we work for too.

Just one tweet which took ten seconds to write, could potentially have a long-lasting impact including loss of clients, customers, fans; important star employees or performers having to be fired and Dealing with the aftermath to fix the reputation of the organisation and or the individual involved.

The Social Media Highway Code Training will make those taking part look at the following areas;

  • Why should we care?
  • A brief look at the social media explosion and different apps/sites.
  • Real Life Examples and Group Discussion as to where the likes of actors, sports-stars, PR consultants, Charity chiefs all went wrong.
  • Why were they wrong or were they?
  • When and where is the right place to say something?
  • A look at language, humour, political and passionate rants
  • How not to rise to the bait?
  • No go areas with social media posts
  • Personal and professional brands and using social media outside work.
  • The knock-on effect and taking responsibility.
  • Managing social media settings, privacy, geolocation and security

About the trainers

Sam Pepper - A reputation expert with more than 20 years’ experience, Sam has worked with high profile figures, celebrities, entrepreneurs, global organisations, SMEs and start-ups to proactively build positive profiles in National, regional and trade broadcast, print and digital media. In a nut-shell she makes individuals and organisations famous.

On the other side, she also gets called up by individuals and organisations (typically at 5.30pm on a Friday afternoon) to manage a crisis. A crisis, which if not handled in the right way could lead to a reputation being severely damaged and having huge implications for the personal or company brand or both. Most recent fire-fighting has seen Sam advising and handling communications for a Headmaster and helping an individual and organisation who got caught up in a Twitter spat with a well-known violent political activist.

Sam is a founder and one of the chief trainers of Social Media Highway Code

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